2015…OMG What Next?

Well, here we are.  Whether 2014 was a great year or not so much, this is a time of reflection.  This post is dedicated to everyone looking forward to what the new year will bring, which brings me to my message.

What we have, spiritually, mentally, physically, financially, or in terms of our relationships, is exactly what WE created or fostered.  This for me is quite sobering.  However, this is my Resolution/Intention going forward.  If it’s something good, I will create more.  If it’s fun, I will do more.  If it’s scary, I will face it and move forward.  If it has angered or upset me, I will let it go.

What I know for certain, is that everyone and everything that I NEED in my life, I already have.  It is entirely up to me to decide where I want to go from here and do the things necessary to ensure my intended outcome.

Check back with us to keep in touch with things that matter.

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