Barmond Enterprises, Harmond Tax and Accounting Services, is an independently owned and operated tax and financial services firm located in northern New Jersey.  Our focus is to become well aquainted with our clients and what their objectives are.
Barmond Enterprises, Harmond Tax Services, has been in business since 1997.  We noticed very early on, that there was, and continues to be, two (2) important areas that are missing in this industry.  The first is client accessibility, the second is client education.  If a client is given good, honest, accurate information that they understand, typically, that client will make the right decision for their needs.
We offer products and services each of which can be  tailored to suit the clients’ individual needs.  We plan, prepare and electronically file individual and small business tax returns.  We offer business formations and accounting services as well.  Additionally, we work with clients looking for financial planning.  Our clients get free financial analyses, access to high quality life insurance and various types of investments.  Investment products include, but are not limited to retirement plans such as Traditional and Roth Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA), education funds and annuity products.
Each year, we evaluate what we do and brainstorm areas and ways to improve our services.  Three years ago, we put into place what has come to be called our mobile services unit.  We here at Barmond Enterprises are very pleased with the response we have gotten to this service.  We truly recognize and appreciate that often, it’s the small things that matter most.
For additional information or to set an appointment, please contact us here.
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